Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tokyo with kids? Hai!

I thought I'd start a travel blog to share my family's holiday experiences (and to preserve some of our memories that are so easily lost in time). It's not always easy travelling with two kids, we're pretty picky. Here are some of our criteria for holidays:
  • must be affordable (parents' no.1 prerequisite!)
  • accommodation must be comfortable
  • must be easy to get around
  • must be FUN (this is Andre's criteria)
  • preferably have really great food

During the May/June school holidays, we made a trip to Tokyo. Now, we all know Japan is not the world's cheapest destination to travel to but after lots and lots of research and planning, we managed to have a truly terrific 9½ day holiday for a family of 4 for just a little over S$8,000 (and this covered EVERYTHING, even all our meals and spending money). And we met every single one of the criteria listed above. We all loved the trip so much we wish we could go back again soon. *Sigh wistfully*

So in the next few posts, I'm going to give a day-by-day account of our Tokyo trip. With lots of pictures, of course!

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mckenzy said...

this is a lovely journal!... takes the fear out of travelling to japan.. thanks for putting it up!