Monday, February 29, 2016

Bits and bites

Day 5 (Thu, 17 December 2015)

Ok, this post is extremely overdue. That's what happens when you lose momentum. I now only have a vague memory of what happened since this was more than two months ago, so bear with me!

Nothing much happened on Day 5 actually because we had to check out and leave for the airport in the early afternoon. So we decided to have a simple brunch at a tiny restaurant around the corner from our apartment. Incidentally, this was the place where Kenneth would sometimes buy a yew tiao and soya bean drink for breakfast cos he wakes up much earlier than the rest of us. To be honest, it's not great. Unlike in Singapore, they fry the yew tiao and leave it stacked in a container so if you don't buy it when it's first fried, it gets cold and chewy. But on a cold day, it's comforting to eat this with the hot soya bean drink.

The restaurant seemed very popular though, so we decided to eat here on our last morning.

Here's what we had:

Yew tiao wrapped chee cheong fun. Not great because the yew tiao is not refried and therefore cold.
Beef brisket and rice - very good!
Some chicken with rice and gravy, I think.
Sliced beef congee - oh, how good is this on a cold day!

This more or less ends our culinary journey in Hong Kong but here are some other interesting titbits (haha!) we discovered about food:

In Singapore, we buy teeny bottles of Yakult and Vitagen for that dose of healthy bacteria. In Hong Kong, they sell cultured drink by the litre. Like this huge bottle, on clearance for only HK$10 (less than $2)! They come in different flavours too. This one was melon flavoured, I believe.

One of the snacks I personally found great in Hong Kong was the cream puff. There are many shops in the malls and at MTR stations selling a variety of them. This one in the Tsim Sha Tsui station was particularly good.

We tried the original and chocolate. They have both custard and fresh cream versions. We tried all kinds and I probably bust my sugar limit for a month on those, but they are sooooooo delish!

We said this would be a food trip and it was! Totally worth the gazillion calories we each piled on. And as an added bonus, we got upgraded to Business Class again coming home. Thank you, Cathay Pacific!

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