Thursday, December 13, 2012

Plain sailing - having fun on board

Some people may wonder if being cooped up on a cruise ship is boring. For us, this was never a problem as we managed to find lots of activities on board that interest us. Legend of the Seas is especially teen-friendly, more so than Virgo, I reckon. There is a club (I think it's called Explorer) which organises all sorts of group activities for teenagers each day.

Our kids are not really into group activities so in the end, Lesley-Anne only attended one - a scrapbooking session. She even received a complimentary scrapbooking pack of stickers and fancy paper, which I thought was pretty generous.

Andre spurned the scheduled activities. Instead, he fully embraced all the sports and game facilities - there is a wide gamut to choose from. At the entertainment centre, there is foosball and a small arcade.

24-hour shuffleboard (not that we knew the rules of the game but that didn't stop Andre from enjoying himself).

There are four table tennis tables and they are very popular. You often have to wait for one to be available.

Of course, there are the pools, but compared to Virgo's (which are larger plus they have that fantastic water slide), Legend's weren't as fun. Andre went swimming just once and he didn't like it because they were small and filled with sea water.

Legend, however, is great for fitness buffs. There's a very well equipped gym which looks out to the sea and a 1.6km running track on the top deck. Since kids under 16 are not allowed in the gym, Andre had to make do with the open air track. We even went jogging as a family to assuage our guilt over the calories we were piling on. 

One of the biggest attractions of Legend though, has to be the awesome rock climbing wall (Virgo only has a miniature version which is token at best). Both Lesley-Anne and Andre decided to have to go. You have to put on special shoes and all the necessary safety gear.

Andre only managed to make it halfway. Not enough upper body strength.

Then it was Lesley-Anne's turn.

Made it to the top! Way to go, girl!

Another facility that we tried out was mini golf. The course on Legend is quite good and well maintained.  Better than Virgo's.

Andre had so much fun he insisted on going back to play in the evenings. As it turns out, mini golf is even more fun at night! It's cooler and less crowded.

And that, in essence, is the great part about cruising - you have a mobile hotel and without having to go very far, you can always find something to do, even if it's in the middle of the night.

Coming up next: our offshore excursion to Phuket.

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