Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sun, sand, sea - chilling at Patong Beach

Our cruise took us to two ports of call - KL and Phuket. We didn't get off at KL because the ship docked at Port Klang which is very far from the city. Getting a cab to and from the port is not that easy and the alternative is to pay quite a hefty price for transport organised by Legend.

We opted not to do this and we chose to go offshore only at Phuket instead.

Disembarking at Phuket is very convenient as the ship is tendered a short distance from Patong Beach itself. You take a small boat which brings you directly to the beach in about 10 minutes.

There are many shops in the streets and alleys directly behind Patong Beach and we went to take a look but we found that the area has degenerated into a tourist trap compared to a few years ago. The stall holders quote exorbitant prices for what are basically cheap apparel and accessories, and when you decide not to buy, they can become nasty and rude. No Thai hospitality here.

Here's my advice: you can find similar merchandise at Singapore pasar malams and shopping carts in heartland malls, and at better prices. Skip the shops at Patong Beach.

Back at the beach, you'll be assaulted by many touts trying to get you to part with your money on anything from deck chairs and coconut drinks to parasailing and taxis to elephant rides. Tip: if you want to take part in any of the sea sports, prices tend to go down as you walk further from the pier. Bargaining is imperative! 

Andre wanted to try jet-skiing and we negotiated for a half-hour ride on a two-seater for 13,000 THB (about S$50), with two deck chairs thrown in for good measure.

 Action man suiting up.

And off they went! The guide offered to go with Kenneth and Andre, and it turned out to be a good thing cos he knew how to make the jet-ski do fast turns and stuff.

While the boys were gone, Lesley-Anne went into photo mode while I lazed by the beach and people-watched.

The boys returned, invigorated. Apparently, Andre had gotten into the driver's seat and gunned the engine like there's no tomorrow. How did we raise a speed demon?  He loved it so much he wanted to go again.  Too bad, we'd run out of baht.

We headed back to the ship. Sun, sand, sea - that always makes for a great outing.

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voo888doo said...

great report, great photo, great people. great scenery and great ship.